Slovenia customers - Alert


Unfortunately, because of new findings about unfair practics we have to again warn our Slovenia customers concerning IK Sport and our products. Despite false promises, which we get after our 1st allert published 18.8.2014, no obligations were solved (we moved our alert out from facebook and our websites due promises, but we realized it was a huge mistake to belive all the lies and promises).

So, we have to say again, that IK Sport is not allowed to sell, even service our products! Please, avoid to request that over them, you will save your time and money. We've got information from our customer that they have got somehow revised suspension from them and were informed it was made by us. It is not possible and we're sure, that any service of our products can't be done properly as we do, because all of a components are made by us or developed by together with suppliers (not available for others), also we are using special machines to filling and measuring all the dampers before returns to customer.

So, again, if you have request of just need any information, please contact us on e-mail or +420 723 35 45 74. Thanks for understanding


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