To simplify order process we have made order form, available in section "download". Please, fill this form the best as you can within every order. It is simple - you fill the form, click print PDF button, save the file and attach it to the order e-mail... Simple and clear for both sides, all the info allows us to provide you the best possible product design, production and also delivery! :)

Second topic are order of the service, repairs and revisions of shock absorbers. All of that must be ordered in advance via e-mail and there must be enclosed letter with the name, contact, address and the request description within the shipment package. Received package without any info will not be proceeded!

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Protlum is company focused on custom production of shock absorbers for motorsport, intended mainly for racing cars, but also quads & ATV, snowscooters, sport cars, retro cars, oldtimers and various custom builds. At the end we are able to provide you suspension on every each vehicle, based on your inputs.


Motto: „We want to win with our customers,
become one of them…"

Jindřich Křístek
company owner



phone(+420) 606 88 77 83 - Czech speaking

        (+420) 723 35 45 74 - English speaking


GPS: N50°41'40.101", E15°14'38.838"


Workshop, mails


Jindřich Křístek
Huť 88
468 26, Pěnčín
Česká republika



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Jindřich Křístek
Nová Ves n.N. 449
468 27, Nová Ves n.N.
Česká republika

IČ: 14883937
DIČ: CZ 6201170932

(please, don't send anything on this adress)


If you're sending us shock absorbers for revision, please don't disassemble anything and send us complete cleaned shock absorbers, including springs on workshop adress, together with description of required works.





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Protlum seller in Poland

Protlum seller in Romania


Protlum seller in Slovakia

Exclusive seller in case of quads and ATV  




Contact us:
tel.: (+420) 723 35 45 74
e-mail: kristek@protlum.cz

Workshop, mails
Jindřich Křístek

Huť 88
468 26, Pěnčín

Czech Republic